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111th Street House Fire
January 2, 2008

In the News: Elderly Orofino woman rescued from fire (PDF)
Reprinted by permission from Window on the Clearwater

Photos by Orofino Fire Department

Entering for initial attack

Entering for occupant rescue

Flames coming from right rear window

Bringing victim out of the house

Preparing victim for transfer

Flames from right rear window

First exterior attack

Huge amounts of smoke

Flames begin to breech roof

Flames along roof peak

Flames along roof peak

Frames along roof peak


Heat caused collapse of tin roof

Preparing to cut hole through to attic

Cutting hole through to attic space

Applying water to interior of attic


Flames coming up from forward peak

Cutting through lower rear wall

Cooling off hot spots

Interior damage - fore to aft

Destroyed furniture

Room of origin

Collapse of tin roof - interior view

Interior damage - right to left

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